Developing coherent paragraphs

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The best way in which you can be able to guide your readers through the essay is by ensuring that the sentences contained therein assume the correct structures. The following set of principles will be useful in achieving this.

  • Make use of topic sentences

The main idea in each and every paragraph should be stated in this sentence. It is advisable that when you are doing academic writing, the topic sentence should come at the beginning of the paragraph. The reader gets to have a rough idea of what is coming up in the rest of the text right from the outset.Do not assume that the reader will pick up the meaning as they read along.

  • Take time to expound on the topic sentence

The rest of the paragraph is supposed to add some meat on the topic sentence. There are many ways of achieving this. You can begin by giving definitions of terms as well as indicating any distinctions that are present. Give examples of the concepts you are explaining and if possible you can quote from the sources you used. Carry out a follow up on the connections that exist between various ideas and ensure that their logical sequence is observed.

  • Show connections

Connections are meant to ensure that the logic in the sentences is maintained. Never underestimate the power of simple words; they do a lot towards pulling together ideas. Pronouns play a great role in ensuring that the spotlight remains with the ideas in the essay. Words such as ‘they’ and ‘this’ will ensure that you do not keep repeating the words you had used in the previous paragraphs. However, there is nothing wrong with repeating the keywords in the essay. It is a good way of putting emphasis on them.

  • Make use of paragraphs of reasonable length

Paragraphs which are too long will make the essay come out as clumsy and uninteresting to read. A paragraph that is more than one page certainly calls for some sort of revision. You can break it into two or three paragraphs to make the reading easy. There you have it, ensuring that your ideas flow quite easily in any paper you write is your ticket to a good grade.



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Developing coherent paragraphs

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Developing coherent paragraphs

This article was published on 2011/11/29